WADEZIG! is a fast-growing clothing company which provides high quality apparel and stuff to the independent youngsters who have an excellent taste of art and design. We design, manufacture and market various kind of apparel such as t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, hats, sweaters, sandals, etc. Our high quality materials, unique designs, and consistent innovation to meet today’s fashion trends have made our products outstandingly chosen by quality-minded youngsters.

Founded in early 2003 in Bandung Indonesia as a division of PROYEKIMAGI –a graphic design and web development company–, our success results from providing artistic and unique designs in the form of high quality products that deliver breakthrough ideas at a competitive price. Our design capabilities, ability to apply proprietary technology and fashion trends, and our attention to the details throughout our product line are our principle advantages in the marketplace. We also have over 5 years of history and a reputation in graphic design industry which is the core of our business.

Art has become the most important element of our products where we can emotionally present our breakthrough ideas through unique designs of our products. The love of art has also distinguished our company with the competitors and gives us creative ideas for the innovation of our products. With our “punch” logo as a spirit,

We market our products through our online store www.wadezig.com and also our offline store based in Bandung Indonesia, we also have nation-wide distribution across independent distribution stores (Distro) in Indonesia which rapidly grows by the supports of Indonesian independent community network.

In the future we want to continuously develop our products and have a strong world-wide distribution with all the power and the opportunity we’ve had. And with the spirit of our punch logo we will continuously “shock” the world with creative ideas and excellent taste of innovations.

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