In February 2003, the idea of WADEZIG! brand was born from the anxiety of three young men. They had the same passion and deep love for art, which made them always thirsty for something new, something different. However they could never find what they were looking for. The needs for a place to express and voice out the ideas were also a fundamental factor that led to the creation of WADEZIG!.

Born, grown up and rooted in art and design community, made WADEZIG! linked and attached personally to arts and design fields. These were important factors in the development of WADEZIG!’s style and attitude; critical, sometimes playful, but always smart. It also made WADEZIG! used to always see things from a subjective and personal point of view, so all thoughts and ideas given always looked different. Later, it became one of the strengths of the group. Furthermore, it grew up in a community where a wide variety of ideas merged, making WADEZIG! used to experiment in the blending of a wide variety of ideas to create something new.

This gave the brand a very strong influence to its products. Currently WADEZIG! has produced a whole range of products from snapback, t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, denim, to sandals. All of them having a distinctive character of WADEZIG!'s spirit which is the clash of contrary ideas to give new ideas. In terms of graphic design, WADEZIG! is also a clash of ideas, such as a blend of classic design presented with the touch of modern technology, or a blend of European design neat and very theoretical with grunge design style full of distortions and impressed 'anti-skill'.

The brand’s products are currently available in different distribution outlets in almost all major cities in Indonesia and some cities abroad. In addition to this WADEZIG! owns an Offline store in Bandung. We also decided to get into the On-Line market and we opened a webstore onto our website and created fan pages on social networks such as Facebook and Twiter. 

To secure and strengthen its roots in both art and design communities, the brand regularly meet up and collaborate with experts in these fields such as artists, photographers, videographers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians and many more. These meetings and collaborations led us to create a brand new concept within our brand and local community: “WADEZIG! Artist Series”. On regular basis we decide to create and produce outfits with artist within and outside the country to support and appreciate them. WADEZIG! is also active within the local community by holding and/or supporting a variety of art and graphic design's exhibitions, especially in the local scene, a place where we grow up and thrives.

After 10 years, WADEZIG! is no longer a 'personal playground' for its founders but it became the 'personal playground' for all people with the same shared vision. It is the place to voice out, create new ideas. In accordance to its tagline 'COME ON SUPERSTAR', this should always remind us that everyone is a superstar with their own stage. In other words, WADEZIG! always encourages anyone to keep on searching, keep on working, and continue to express theirs, our thoughts.